Aluminium MB-86 FOLD LINE

Patio Systems Pleated

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Exterior folding door is a functional solution. We can easily eliminate the barrier between the inside of the building and its surroundings.

These doors are the perfect transition to the terrace of the house or flat facilitate the division of service with its outdoor area. They can be opened both outside and inside the building at any system configuration wings.

  • Wiatroszczelność Wiatroszczelność
  • Acrycolor Acrycolor
  • Wodoszczelność Wodoszczelność
  • Izolacja dźwiękowa Izolacja dźwiękowa
  • Bezpieczeństwo Bezpieczeństwo
  • Estetyka Estetyka
  • Termika Termika
  • Paleta RAL Paleta RAL



Colors according to RAL color palette below:


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