Supplies and Accessories

Modern technology glazing window carpentry is a guarantee not only of heat in the house but also the appropriate sound insulation properties. Good thermal parameters and mute, conducive to rest and effective work.

It provides added peace of safety glazing packages, ornaments and a rich design further emphasize the visual qualities.

Standard glazing

Standard glazing

This package is the basic type of glazing in modern windows. It was filled with argon, which has much better heat-insulating properties than air.

  • Good thermal insulation
  • Sound insulation noise protection

Glazing with warm edge

Glazing with warm edge

The triple package is dedicated for those on the extreme thermal insulation. The third pane naturally increases the space between, thereby improving insulation.

  • Effective reduction of heat permeability
  • Even better soundproofing noise protection


reflective glass

This is a proposal designed especially for areas where a high degree of transparency of the glass can lead to overheating of the premises. Of course, will apply also in homes, offices or public buildings. Reflective glass is made of glass dyed in the mass and additionally coated with a layer of metal oxides or precious metals that reflecting sunlight acts like a mirror.

security package

Improving security is nowadays one of the most important priorities. Thanks to technological progress, there is no need to mount burglar bars deteriorating visual qualities. Class burglary (P2) is dedicated to detached houses, sites, hotels and offices, and commercial buildings sheltered the standard value. For villas, pharmacies, apartments, shopping centers and facilities of high value protected package is recommended burglar (P4).